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Apr 30 2017


I very rarely promote or endorse retail products, however I must share with you all my Christmas present to myself. We all know the benefits of eating a plant based or alkaline diet. In what are called ‘blue’zones – (areas that have the highest percentage of people living healthily the longest and boasting the most centennials) – lifestyle behaviours include: not smoking, consuming a minimal amount of alcohol if any, keeping active, social and eating a plant based diet. Three books which are worth reading: the F2 Diet by Audrey Eyton, Spontaneous Healing by Andrew Weil MD, and Anti-cancer a new way of life by David Servan-Schreiber – all convey the same message: eat a plant based diet, avoid processed foods/red meat/simple carbs/alcohol and move! So back to my Christmas present – it’s basically a juicer. The problem with most juicers is that the effort seems to exceed the result – sticky pulp all over the kitchen, fruit flies and hundreds of plastic bits to wash up each time. The Nutribullet is fantastic because there is no pulp – you drink it – and there is only a cup and a blade to wash up. Two sticks of celery, a branch of broccoli, a cucumber slice, an apple some grapes and a bit of ginger and in two minutes the most amazingly tasty, super healthy drink. New year, new me. Every home should have one – and no, I am not on commission!                                                                                                                                                    

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