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ITB is the place to be if you want to see what the new travel trends in spa and health are. This was summarized in an excellent presentation by Claudia Wagner from Fit Reisen.
  • Thermal and medical spas are still very much in demand with the traditional therapeutic ‘Kur’ sought after by the ever-increasing senior market or ‘best agers’ as they are now referred to.
  • Ayurveda/Yoga/TCM becoming more and more popular and offered alongside traditional spa stays.
  • Detox and fasting programs, and now ‘intermittent’ fasting, where fasting is conducted during certain periods of the day rather than for long stretches.
  • More treatments and programs focused on stress.
  • Nutrition becoming increasingly more important to health spa stays with LOGI, FX Mayr and Paleo diets proving popular.
  • Better integration of the health spa stay to the destination. Experiences linked to the local culture and nature, forest retreats etc
  • Specialization: golf & spa, fitness boot camps, hiking in forests, yoga & meditation retreats
  Claudia’s opinion of the future – in short ‘wellness’, health and mindfulness are the status symbols of tomorrow. Also, some interesting news from ESPA (European Spa Association) – 2 new interesting surveys are being conducted. The first; Rules of Reimbursement for EU citizens on spa stays (collecting the national criteria’s and publicizing them clearly so that people can understand and claim for their entitlements). The second; an epidemiological survey of all health spa resorts, their health profile, indications, treatments etc. Also interesting to keep an eye on – a new ISO medical spa service standard.
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