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Spa Trends 2017

Spa Trends 2017

Following my speaking tours around Europe here are some interesting trends and ideas that I have across:

Black Saunas: derived from the Russian Banya, the smoke from the heat stove escapes through a hole in the roof, darkening the interior wood. It is more rustic and atmospheric then a ‘white’ Banya (where the smoke exits through vents).

Snow Cabins: more exciting than an ice room, snow covers the walls of a snow cave, after a sauna it can rubbed onto the body – a more imaginative alternative to the plunge pool.

Gender Neutral Products: a great concept from “Natural Spa Factory” www.naturalspafactory.com simple ‘clean living’ gender natural products. A quality product range for both men and women – minimalistic, ingeniously simple and very politically in vogue.

Ghariene Corian Pedispa: a pedicure chair that turns into a cosmetic chair and even massage bed. An all-in-one experience, the guest doesn’t need to move rooms. www.gharieni.com

ZeroBody Nu Relax: more exciting than the old hydro massage bed (see title photo). Here you sink deep down into the bed, meditation and stress relieving programs in six languages can be downloaded via your phone during the massage. www.starpool.com

Oxygen Jet Lag Beater: an easy program to put together for spas already offering oxygen inhalation. Simply put together a package of treatments such as aroma baths/massage and add an oxygen inhalation to help weary guests recover from long journeys.

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