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Amazing Spa on the Ukraine Hungarian Border!

Recently back from an interesting health and spa tourism conference and B2B workshop in Beregszáz, Ukraine. In addition to seeing the latest locally offered spa and medical tourism products...

Serbian Spa Secret Success!

  Think of a European Health Spa resort and a remote sanatorium for the aged and infirmed springs to mind. I know, I have visited most of them. With Europe’s...


I used to believe that the main focus of any business should be sales and finances. After 17 years of being Group Spa Director for Danubius Hotels Group, I...


ITB is the place to be if you want to see what the new travel trends in spa and health are. This was summarized in an excellent presentation by...

Wellness Cluster Conference Serbia

Roman Spas was were not just about bathing and sweating. The Roman spa was sensuous experience – food, wine, lectures, music, theatrical performances, sports events, perfume shops.  After the...

Spa Trends 2017

Following my speaking tours around Europe here are some interesting trends and ideas that I have across:

Black Saunas: derived from the Russian Banya, the smoke from the heat stove escapes through a hole in the roof, darkening the interior wood. It is more rustic and atmospheric then a ‘white’ Banya (where the smoke exits through vents).